Would you like to do something meaningful, stimulating, and truly transformative?
We're looking for people who have deep empathy and compassion for others, a love of learning, abundant energy, and a sense of fun and wonder.
We will help you launch your teaching career.
BRIDGE is a selective and intensive teacher preparation course, designed to inspire and develop aspiring teachers. We help teachers gain the skills, experience, and confidence needed to begin their teaching careers and excel in the classroom.

Our course focuses on the following strands:

Understanding ourselves – self-reflection

Understanding children:
How they learn and develop

Transformative Pedagogy:
How to teach effectively

Communication Skills:
How to engage and reach students

For our aspiring teachers, we also organize an internship program with our partner schools. Our internship program allows our aspiring teachers to get some hands-on teaching experience. By the end of the course, we will place our aspiring teachers in one of our partner schools.

We will coach our teachers individually and we will support them in every way we can. We hold additional sessions to help teachers connect with experienced teachers in their subject areas, and we help teachers create resumes, prepare for interviews, and get a teaching job.

Program Details:

Morning classes (one morning/week; 4 hours) & internship program available for aspiring teachers.
Course runs from August 2018 to March 2019.
Cost: Rs. 60,000 (payment plans available.)

Join our BRIDGE course:

If you are looking for information on classes and fees, or want to reach our team, have any questions, concerns, or just want to tell us how excited you are about TREE, please drop us a note.