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Be The Change

Inspiring Future Generations of Teachers and Nation Builders

In India, to prepare our citizens for a complex and dynamic future, we need to significantly improve our education system. Today, teachers need to be creative, empathetic, and adaptable learners. We need our best and brightest minds to enter the field of education.

In order to build a pipeline of talented teachers for the future, we need to start with our own students. This year, as schools plan events for Independence Day and Teacher's Day, we urge you to become part of our movement: "Be The Change." 

How can educators, schools and colleges participate?

Between Independence Day (August 15th) and Teachers Day (September 5th), we would like schools and colleges to celebrate the power of teachers, raise awareness about the importance of a strong education system, and encourage our best and brightest minds to embark on careers in education.

Here are some ideas for how you and your students can be the change.

  • Host assemblies, projects, and events to help students understand the importance of our nation's education system, and encourage students to think seriously about a future career in education. 

  • Invite an inspiring speaker from the field of education: If you are looking for speakers, let us know, and we can put you in touch with wonderful, inspiring people in the field of education. 

  • Invite a speaker from an educational NGO to speak with your students about both the problems in our education system, as well as the solutions. Your students can be the solution -- they can be the change we need!

  • Encourage teachers at your school to share why they became teachers, how the profession is changing, and why teaching is a rewarding profession. Our teachers can be role models for our students.

  • Have students do some research and share presentations on how education is changing, and what schools of the future will need.

  • Analyse the problems in our current education system today, and have students consider how they would solve some of these problems.

  • Encourage students to discuss the connection between an educational system and a country's level of progress, both socially and economically. Ask students provocative questions: What's the connection between public cleanliness/civic sense and education? Can our education system solve problems such as littering and public waste?

  • Put up posters around school about the importance of teachers. 

The possibilities are endless, but the goal is the same: celebrate the power of teachers, raise awareness about the clear link between a nation's teachers and its level of development and progress, and encourage our students to think about careers in the field of education. Come join us, be the change and make a difference!

Get in Touch and Become Part of the Movement

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