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Teacher Community

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At TREE, we know that educators thrive when they feel valued and supported. If we can collaborate with each other, discuss issues that are meaningful to all of us, and support each other, we will be able to grow and flourish as educators, and together, we can transform our classrooms and schools.

We invite all educators to join the TREE Community. The TREE Community hosts a number of exciting events for educators to connect with each other and share their thoughts about important issues in education

These include:

Fireside Chats: Join a small group of educators for a reflective online discussion
TREE Talks: Hear from an expert and engage in a conversation with them
Community Canvases: Join fellow educators from across Chennai to engage in discussions and activities together.

Scroll down to view our past events and our exciting upcoming calendar. Come and be part of a larger eco-system of educators, where you will feel valued, heard,and supported.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Click here to view our calendar of events and register your spot!

Past Events

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