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Reading Magic Program

Reading Magic is a unique program designed by TREE to help a school build a strong reading culture in its primary division. It can be used as a supplement to any curriculum. During this time, our TREE reading specialist will visit the school twice a week and work closely with teachers in their classrooms. She will also work closely with the school librarian.

Ready for School
“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

- J.K.Rowling

What is Reading Magic?

Reading Magic is a program that aims, first and foremost, to fuel a deep love of reading  within all members of a school community.  

We believe that a reading culture must start with teachers and librarians; if the adult community reads, then they will spontaneously and organically also ensure that the student  community reads. Therefore, one of the first goals of Reading Magic is to inspire teachers  and librarians to spend time reading, and to help teachers and librarians become familiar  with children’s literature. 

As we get teachers excited about books and reading, we also empower them with the skills  and tools needed to develop a reading culture in their classrooms. From helping teachers  infuse literature and reading time into their curricula to modelling engaging read a-louds for  children, we work closely with teachers in their classrooms to ensure that they are able to  create and sustain a reading culture for their students.

To support a reading culture, a school must have a wide array of books that appeal to a  range of different students. We help teachers and librarians curate “classroom library  collections” for each classroom, to ensure that students have free and easy access to  excellent literature.

"TREE's Reading Magic programme helped us to build a strong reading culture in our school community by sensitising our teachers to the benefits of reading through inspiring training workshops and by introducing them to a wide variety of interesting books and activities. The program enabled teachers to conduct effective Read Aloud sessions in their classrooms and set up their own classroom libraries. It has been an incredible journey for our school community. Our teachers are now able to help young learners to read and more importantly develop a deep love for reading."

- Mrs.Arpitha, Deputy Correspondent
Arsha Vidya Mandir School, Chennai

How does Reading Magic work? 

Reading Magic is a 6-month program designed to help a school build a strong reading culture in its primary division. It is closely aligned with the philosophy and ethos of the PYP  program, but it can be used as a supplement to any curriculum. 

During this time, a consultant will visit a school twice a week and work closely with teachers in their classrooms. She will also work closely with the school librarian. The program includes the following:

Library Book Searching


TREE will provide curated book lists for classroom libraries for each grade level. The  book lists will include books for read a-louds, books for novel study (in grades 3, 4,  and 5), and books for independent reading.


Additionally, the book list will include a  wide range of books to encourage students to read for pleasure.


The TREE specialist will help teachers set up their classroom libraries and reading spaces.


Set up will include


  • The logistics of checking books out and in,

  • How to organize and display books

  • How to create friendly and comfortable reading spaces for children.


It will also include ways to make reading visible (posters, artwork, pictures of favorite books, etc.)

Picking a Book
Classmates in the Library


The TREE Consultant will work closely with the head librarian by giving her book lists to order and by helping her organize and display books to entice readers. 


Additionally, the consultant will help the librarian think about how to use library time effectively for students, what kinds of books to recommend to different students, and how to support classroom teachers as they strive to build reading cultures in their classrooms.


The TREE consultant will conduct the following workshops for teachers and  librarians:


  • The Teacher As Reader: 1. 5 to 2 hours 

  • Reading Culture: 1. 5 to 2 hours 

  • Setting Up and Using Classroom Libraries: 2 hours 

  • Read A-louds and Book Talks: The Nuts and Bolts: 2 hours

Giving a Lecture


The TREE consultant will work closely with teachers and school leaders to determine  how to infuse more reading into both the curriculum and the timetable.


The TREE consultant will work closely with teachers in their classrooms to model read-a-loud, book talks, and book activities. She will also coach teachers by watching them engage in these different kinds of reading activities and then giving them targeted feedback.


In her capacity as a coach, she will help the teacher become very comfortable with implementing best practices to help kids get excited about books and reading. 

Elementary School
Personal Tution


Reflection sessions with teachers: The TREE consultant will continually engage in  discussions with teachers about what they are reading, as well as in discussions of  children’s literature.


If time permits, the consultant can facilitate a book club for teachers where they all  discuss a book that they have read. This works particularly well at the beginning of  the academic year, if all teachers are assigned a book to read over the summer.

TREE Reading Specialist

Kavita Kurian is the TREE reading specialist. She earned a Master's in Educational Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia, and a library educator’s certificate from  Bookworm in Goa. She worked at the American International School as a learning support specialist for four years, and she ran an X-Seed preschool in Chennai. She is, most importantly, a voracious reader!


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