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Transformative Teaching for Schools

Having run multiple training programs across schools, we've created a 4-step process where we find the most effective results and long-term improvements with teachers.

We recommend 3 workshop sessions which can be done either online or offline, with 2 cycles of coaching, observation and debriefing. This can be customised based on your school's needs.

With a one-on-one consultation, we will design a comprehensive program that focuses on specific areas, based on your school's needs for teacher development and support.  


Thinking Classrooms

An introduction to routines and methods for teachers to create a culture of deep thinking, curiosity and exploration with their students.


Positive Culture and Relationships

How to connect with your students, build growth mindset and grit, and create an environment of empathy and inclusiveness in the classroom.


Formative Assessments and Feedback

How to design assessments that promote learning, and how to give feedback to students in the most effective way.


Neuroscience for the Classroom

New research into cognitive science and brain based strategies to boost attention, learning and memory in students.

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Classroom Management

Techniques for teachers across grades to manage their classrooms, deal with difficult situations, and ensure that their lessons go on smoothly.


Planning Lessons for Engagement

Designed for teachers to organise and create effective lesson plans keeping in mind learning outcomes, engagement, assessments, and time management.


Starting the Year Right

Recommended before the beginning of the academic year, to show teachers ways to organise their workload, set goals for themselves and their students, and kickstart the year strong.


Schedule a meeting with our TREE specialist and we will design a suitable professional development package for your school and teachers.

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